Preparing for Social Media Crisis Management

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Being ready in advance is key to mitigating damage

Social media mishaps can turn into crises in the blink of an eye. The best way to prevent a single incident from turning into a costly crisis is to leap into action the minute you spot the warning signs. You can’t get moving if you don’t have a plan beforehand, but it’s before you head off to create that plan it’s important to note that social media doesn’t exist in a vacuum. No matter where a crisis first rears its public head social media will be involved, but so will other forms of media both internal and external. Knowing the specifics of how to handle each platform, and how to combine those specifics into a holistic (and realistic) plan is key to crisis management success.

This infographic from Act-On does a great job of displaying examples showcasing crises of various severity, and explaining the types of actions that would mitigate damage if implemented immediately. Create one that fits your own organization, and you’re one step closer to being ready to handle a crisis of your own.


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