Pre-storm preparations

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This is my first experiment using and a weak (PCS card) broadband connection to record a report “from the scene here” and hopefully successfully embed the code that will allow you to see it! Jonathan BernsteinPresidentBernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Crisis Management

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What if a search using keywords associated with your business returned: a vicious blog started by a disgruntled employee or if 75% of the results were critical of you and your business your name prominently and negatively reported on legitimate websites like the Better Business Bureau or on known complaint …

Crisis Communication reality reveals a sad state of affairs

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An article published on outlines that with chaos abounding in the world, “research shows that within the next ten years, it’s unlikely that the majority of corporations would have engaged in comprehensive crisis preparedness and planning.” As the article states, “A company’s reputation is its greatest asset. It can …