Pre-storm preparations

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This is my first experiment using and a weak (PCS card) broadband connection to record a report “from the scene here” and hopefully successfully embed the code that will allow you to see it! Jonathan BernsteinPresidentBernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

John Edwards’ Brand of Crisis Management

Jonathan Bernstein crisis management

I think John Edwards did one heck of a job of “packaging” his confession of infidelity in a manner that will quickly put the issue behind him — as long as there are no other skeletons in the closet. The problem with many cases like his, of course, as Bill …

Crisis Managers With Unenviable Job

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Other than the huge fees, I have to say I’m not even remotely envious of the niche Cohn & Wolfe have chosen to fill in the field of crisis management. Infamous for their representation of the tobacco industry, they now take on “big marble,” which is faced, interestingly, with some …

HARO Walks Its Talk

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One of the traits that can lead to crises for both businesses and individuals is failure to walk their talk. No such problem over at Help a Reporter Out (HARO), the new and phenomenally successful email list started by the effervescent and ubiquitous Peter Shankman. Subscribers receive high-quality media leads …

Reputation Management Plan

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I just completed a Strategic Reputation Management Plan for a client that was, to the gratification of me and my team, received very well, described by our primary client contact as “exceptional.” It was a joint effort involving me, SEO/website development expert Chesa Keane, and media relations guru Dave Reeves. …

Xobni — SUPERB add-on to MS-Outlook

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I know it’s off-topic for this blog, but I am simply blown away by the utility of a free MS-Outlook add-on called Xobni (spell it backwards). I’ve been online since 1982 and gone through every version of Outlook (and its predecessors) over the years, and I have to believe that …

Bernstein Interview re Minimize Reputational Risks

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I was recently interviewed by Business Insurance magazine’s Gloria Gonzales for a story entitled “Preparedness can minimize reputational risks.” The story appeared in print, ran as a podcast, and is also available for you to hear as an .mp3 file, with the link printed by permission of Business Insurance.Your feedback …

The Three C’s of Credibility

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During a crisis, effective spokespersons must heed what I call the “Three C’s of Credibility.” If stakeholders perceive you as Compassionate, Competent and Confident, they are far more likely to believe your messages. In fact, if you’re really good at projecting the “Three C’s,” you can get away with some …

The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Crisis Management

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What if a search using keywords associated with your business returned: a vicious blog started by a disgruntled employee or if 75% of the results were critical of you and your business your name prominently and negatively reported on legitimate websites like the Better Business Bureau or on known complaint …

Internet: The Ultimate Medium

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I wrote an article a couple of years ago that is even more pertinent and true today. The Internet is the Ultimate Medium and it can be a cross between tabloid journalism and a gladiator competition, between Pollyanna and Pandora, where minds meet and merge, clash and clamor and where …