Crisis Communications Review: Linkedin’s Data Breach Notice

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Evaluating the social network’s crisis messaging

Data breach announcements aren’t the big news that they once were, in large part because just about all of us have received several by now. That said, people are still (quite understandably) concerned when they know their data has been exposed, and how you inform them of that fact plays a major role in how they react.

The latest example to cross our desks was one from Linkedin, which found itself re-engaging with a crisis from 2012 when data stolen years ago popped up on the black market. This was the mail that went out to LI members:

LI breach notification 5.25.16 edited

We give this announcement a solid B+. It delivers all of the significant information, including cause, actions taken, actions account holders should take, and where to find more information or ask questions. The information is presented clearly, and is fairly easy to understand. What it’s missing, and what keeps this from being an A effort, is even the smallest dose of compassion. By keeping this exact same statement but including a statement of empathy as far as what account holders are feeling up front, Linkedin’s audience would have been placed in a more receptive and understanding state of mind. It’s not a massive issue, but in today’s competitive world mitigating even small losses of reputation is essential.

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