Crisis Management Quickie: Crisis Prevention through Policy

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Clear policies can help stop crises before they ever start

Having policies for easily predictable situations or scenarios is one simple way to prevent crises. Whether it’s laying down specific guidelines for how employees may discuss your organization on social media or determining exactly how staff is reimbursed for picking up the monthly luncheon, creating clear policies will keep things running properly, and help cover your rear if something goes awry.

Feeling overwhelmed considering the large number of policies you suddenly see the need to create? Don’t stress! You can keep things simple and pare down the work on your end by dividing things into broad categories that cover most possibilities. For example, create a policy that clearly explains how confidential information should be managed online and offline, along with a process by which it will be done, and you’re set for a variety of circumstances.  The accompany any important policy with training, and refresher training, without which the policy is simply words on a page.

Don’t assume people will reach the same conclusions you did when it comes to handling important aspects of operations. Even the most intelligent person may interpret things in a way that winds up hurting your business, or simply have a lapse of common sense and create a crisis unintentionally.

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