Samsung’s Crisis Management Makeover – Part 1

What changed and why it matters

I think “about damn time” sums it up well. Though we criticized Samsung’s initial effort for its slow roll of damaging information and lack of compassion, it’s clear the electronics giant made a choice to directly address its reputation issues. The package it put out today was crisp and effective, utilizing several forms of media including a 50-minute streamed presentation, the video below, and a host of other content shared via a dedicated landing page.

Typically we see reputation damage continue until those in crisis communicate three things:

  1. What happened
  2. Why it happened
  3. What they’re doing about it

Samsung’s achieved all three items with its announcement and saw immediate results in the form of a bump in share value. Buuuut, there’s one more important step – actually solving the crisis. 

Of course even doing all of that won’t mean Samsung is in the clear. In part two we’ll discuss some of the challenges Samsung will face in its recovery and thoughts on how they might be addressed.

Erik Bernstein

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  1. Tony Jaques

    I agree on those three crisis communication requirements Erik, but I believe there is ALWAYS a fourth one. Apologise . . even if it isn’t all your fault

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