You Might Be a Crisis Manager If…

Jeff Foxworthy, eat your heart out. It’s easy to make jokes about rednecks. Try making jokes about crisis management! The Foxworthy influence MIGHT just be recognized in the one-liners that follow. I invite readers to add their own via blog comments. Please note that when you do so, you’re giving me permission to reprint them in my newsletter or other online communications as well.

You might be a crisis manager if…

…you realize your hair is on fire but know that it’s more important to dodge the truck about to hit you first.

…you can imagine yourself possessing the mind of someone from a completely different background or even a different sex.

…chickens running around with their heads off don’t bother you.

…you can translate legalese to plain English in seconds.

…you can train old corporate dogs to do new tricks

…you can persuade stoned protestors chained to your front gates that you’re their friend.

…you can launch a blog, post multiple social media messages, and eat lunch…all in a half hour.

…you can make lemonade with ANYTHING you have on hand.

Have fun with this!

Jonathan Bernstein

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  1. Ana-Marie Jones aka MsDuctTape

    You might be a crisis manager if…
    – you are fluent in acronyms from many industries
    – you say “thank you” when someone hands you a huge steaming PR problem
    – a crazed executive having a full-on raging meltdown, seems merely “passionate” and “expressive”

    Love your newsletter. Happy Anniversary!

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