NASA’s Explosive Asteroid Crisis Management Plan

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Not just a movie plot, NASA has a solution in mind

Ever watch one of these space-disaster movies and wonder what we would really do if an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth? Luckily for us, so do the people at NASA. Check out what they’ve got in mind, from a Headlines & Global News article:

A mission where NASA would actively seek out an asteroid to nuke it would cost about $1 billion and could be developed from work NASA is already funding, according to Bong Wie, director of the Asteroid Deflection Research Center at Iowa State University, the Cleveland Leader notes.

The vehicle required for such an ambitious mission, Wie said, would have two sections that would separate before arriving. One would then be responsible for blasting a hole into the space rock, with the other planting the warhead deep inside it.

NASA is certainly an organization that knows crisis management, having its skills and tactics honed through some of the most high-profile incidents in history. It’s good to know that, while we worry about problems down here on Earth, someone’s considering the solutions for the potential crises coming from outer space.

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