Sexual Innuendo Bus Ad Backfires

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Another easily preventable crisis creates financial loss

In a perfect example of the type of crisis that would have been averted had those responsible thought to use the just-launched, UK-based New Adventure Travel Limited thought it would be brilliant if there were images of half-naked folk holding signs that read, “Ride me all day for £3”, plastered on the back of their buses. Cheeky? Sure (at least as far as this American understands the word!). Smart? Definitely not. Although the ads featured both men and women, the female version drew a more visceral reaction from stakeholders, including many social media posts along the lines of the example below:

Vying for a bit of stakeholders’ attention in a market that’s growing more competitive by the day has organizations stepping in it left and right, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Invest in avoiding the reputation damage and financial loss that accompanies many of these preventable crises – it just makes sense.

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