Live College Crisis Management Chat

We talk crisis management in higher education this Thursday at 7 pm EDT

Institutions of higher learning naturally encounter situations requiring crisis management. After all, they are tasked with maintaining the safety and well-being of students and ensuring the integrity of faculty and staff, with a wide range of potential crises affecting those stakeholders and others.

Throw in the massive levels of attention focused on college athletics, local incidents created by overblown fraternity parties, the fact that faculty and students often come from, literally, different parts of the planet altogether, and the intense magnification power social media brings to the mix, and you begin to truly see how many potential crises there are at any institution of higher education.

This Thursday, at 7:00 pm EDT, Jonathan Bernstein and Chris Syme, a social media expert specializing in higher ed, will take part in a Higher Ed Live chat, “Crisis Management in Higher Education.” Whether you’re in the field yourself, part of another large organization, or even a parent seeking to understand what schools are, and what they should be, doing, tune in!

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