Crisis Management Quotables…on Leadership and Crisis Prevention

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Strong leaders are always watching for crisis warning signs

If there were a competition for most quoted, yet least-known, individual, Arnold Glasow would certainly be in the running. A humorist born in 1905, Glasow not only established his own humor magazine, but also frequently contributed to publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Reader’s Digest, where many of his short, powerful quips were immortalized.

Here, straight from the mouth of a true American entrepreneur, is this week’s crisis management quotable:

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. — Arnold H. Glasow

Anybody can look at a burning building and say, “yup, she’s on fire alright.” The real test is in your ability to prevent it from catching fire in the first place.

By keeping a close eye on day-to-day operations, monitoring items like social media and news mentions regularly, and putting communication channels in place which allow those lower on the totem pole to report potential issues quickly and without fear of reprisal, leaders can spot flare-ups or smoldering crises and give them a thorough dousing before they create any lasting damage.

Erik Bernstein
Social Media Manager

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