Yosemite Rim Fire Demonstrates Indirect Impact of a Disaster

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A harsh reminder of the need to be prepared as individuals and organizations

The Yosemite Rim Fire, more than 15,000 acres and barely 15% contained, is demonstrating the crisis management adage that you don’t have to be in the direct path of a natural disaster to be negatively impacted by it.

Just like Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the fire is threatening both power and water supplies to San Francisco, almost 200 miles away.  Two out of three power stations have been shut down since last week, and the threatened Hetch Hetchy reservoir supplies 85% of San Francisco’s water.

This strongly emphasizes the need for broader, real-event-based, crisis preparedness for both organizations and individuals – and reiterates the need to avoid playing ostrich.  I hope that everyone remembers the hard-learned lessons of past disasters and stores at least a week’s worth of food and water per person in the event of power loss, water shortage, or both.

Jonathan Bernstein

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