CARD – A New Angle on Disaster Preparedness

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Increasing safety in business and community

Disaster preparedness agencies often use graphic images or shocking stories in an attempt to scare people into getting prepared for crises. With 44% of U.S. adults admitting to not having basic first-aid kits, and 48% no emergency supplies, it’s obvious that approach isn’t working too well.

In comes CARD, an Oakland, CA based nonprofit, and its “Use NO Fear” preparedness movement. Here’s a quote, from the CARD homepage:

CARD leads and champions the “Use NO Fear” preparedness movement and we actively seek to end the use of fear and threat of disasters as the “motivation” for emergency preparedness.  We have instead created and  embraced a “Prepare to Prosper” curriculum and philosophy.

For an example, check out this “Potty Poster,” meant to help organizations educate and protect their employees and communities by targeting a decidedly captive audience.

Although CARD is largely dedicated to assisting the crisis preparedness and response needs of service providers, the simple, easy to follow, and most importantly, effective explanations and diagrams offered through its website, present a bounty of quality crisis management information for any organization.

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