Crisis Management in the Pac-12

Rumors of impropriety among officials leads to independent investigation

The recent reputation crisis in the Pac-12 men’s college basketball conference, sparked by coordinator of officials Ed Rush’s comments that he would give cash or a trip to any official who handed Arizona’s coach a technical foul during the Pac-12 tournament, appeared to be over after Rush resigned. A rise in rumors about the league’s officiating, however, led leadership to launch a new investigation.

In a sudden decision that shows every sign of a desperate effort to NOT be a part of the next higher ed coverup, Pac-12 CEO Group Chair Edward J. Ray and Commissioner Larry Scott have decided to authorize an independent review of all officiating events during and following this year’s Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Here’s a quote, from the official league press release:

“After considering the matter, Commissioner Scott and I agree that an independent review is important to maintain the confidence of our members, and of the public, in the integrity of our competition,” President Ray said.

“While the review will focus primarily on the tournament, we expect that it will inform a broader examination of our men’s basketball officiating and help us provide the best possible program.”

Commenting on the independent review, Commissioner Scott said: “Nothing is more important to the Pac- 12, or to me personally, than maintaining confidence in our integrity. Given the conflicting media reports, it is important that we do whatever we can to understand all the facts, not only to resolve the questions about officiating during the tournament but also to learn lessons that will help us make changes and improvements to our overall program.”

Looks like Ray and Scott have been brushing up on their crisis management skills in their spare time! Not only will an independent review help to determine if there are issues that need resolving, but it also demonstrates to the public that the program is making every effort to be responsible, honest, and address the concerns of its stakeholders.

This is absolutely the smart move, and whether there are findings of impropriety or not, taking unprompted action to set things right will help ensure the Pac-12’s reputation stays intact.

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