Facebook Lends a Hand in Disaster Crisis Management

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Check on friends following disaster with new app

Social media has long been acknowledged as a highly effective means of disaster crisis management, and now a new Facebook app is making it easy for even your average user to communicate that they’re okay after an incident in their area.

Fast Company’s Peter Wade shared more info in an article last week:

Facebook users who activate Safety Check will receive a notification if a natural disaster hits near their location, which will be determined by the city listed on a user’s profile, where they last used the Internet, or the last location used on the Nearby Friends feature. A message pops up indicating the user appears to be near the affected area, and he or she can select either “I’m safe” or “I’m not in the area.”

For individuals the use is obvious, but this is a great crisis management tool for organizations of all kinds as well. For example, by creating an employee group for Facebook you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently see who’s been affected by a disaster, no matter their location.

With additional features including a checklist of friends who were in the vicinity of the disaster and an indication of their status, this app looks like a real must-have.

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