JetBlue’s Awkward Ad Campaign – More Harm than Good?

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New ads of questionable value to airline’s reputation

JetBlue has used clever PR tactics to make a name for itself in the crowded airline industry, but its latest efforts may be causing more harm than good.

Take a look at these two videos, shared via Twitter by @JetBlue, and we’ll catch up with you after the break:

So…are you feeling inspired to hop on a plane as quickly as possible?

To us, these videos came off as a shameless attempt at creating a social media stir. Sure, they drew a chuckle, but in the end all they served to do was reinforce the fact that flying is, for the most part, an unpleasant, uncomfortable experience, and one that’s grown increasingly more so in recent years – not exactly the reminder you want to send your stakeholders when you’re in the airline biz.

Sorry JetBlue, you missed the mark with this one.

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