Turn Bad Publicity Around

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When life hands you lemons…

Every business makes mistakes, and at some point or another the media’s going to pounce on one of yours. When this happens, it will be your reaction that determines whether your reputation bounces back or takes a pounding.

In every case you should apologize and demonstrate what you’ve done to fix the issue at hand, but taking things further can actually bring you out of crisis stronger than you went in. Here’s one example, from a PRDaily article by Crenshaw PR’s Dorothy Crenshaw:

Share your lessons.

Office Depot, a client of my former firm, took advantage of its own experience weathering successive hurricanes at its Delray Beach, Flor., headquarters over a period of years. It turned adversity to advantage with a PR campaign that focused on disaster preparation and management for small businesses, a key customer segment.

It’s common for crises to offer opportunities to actually advance your reputation, so keep your eyes open in the midst of all the action.

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