Campaign Aide Lands Herself in the Running for a Weiner Award

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Another nominee, and a personal crisis management lesson for the young’uns

While we certainly knew there were a lot of social media mistakes happening all around us, the launch of the Weiner Awards has resulted in our being told of an absolutely staggering number of outrageous incidents requiring serious crisis management.

If you’re a campaign aide on her way up the political ladder, you should be pretty well aware of the need to be appropriate in all communications, and of the threats past statements can be to your current position. Well, “should” is the operative word here, because 23-year-old Taylor Palmisano, who WAS finance director for Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), was canned early this month after nasty, racism-infused posts were discovered on her Twitter profile.

The Wisconsin State Journal has more details:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel first reported the tweets, which have since been deleted along with her Twitter account.

“I will choke that illegal mex cleaning in the library. Stop banging (expletive) chairs around and turn off your Walkman,” she wrote in a tweet from March 9, 2011, the Journal Sentinel reported.

And in January of that year, she complained about her bus trip from California to Las Vegas after watching the University of Wisconsin play in the Rose Bowl.

“This bus is my worst (expletive) nightmare Nobody speaks English & these ppl dont know how 2 control their kids #only3morehours #illegalaliens,” she tweeted.

“Taylor Palmisano has been immediately removed from her position with the Friends of Scott Walker campaign,” campaign spokesman Jonathan Wetzel said. “Both the governor and the campaign condemn these insulting remarks, which do not reflect our views in any way.”

Lesson to those just leaving school and entering adulthood – your past posts, shares, comments and pictures can, and probably will, be used to judge you as you enter the professional world. If you knew you were an idiot, and let’s be honest, many of us were, it’s your duty to go back and censor yourself. If not, well, you just may find yourself the winner of a future Weiner Award.

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