Convincing the C-Suite

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Convincing doubtful execs is easier than it seems

Crises of reputation and operation happen every day, yet for some reason one of the most daunting tasks facing those assigned with crisis management is to get a budget that will actually cover the costs involved.

In a recent interview with Ragan’s Matt Wilson, BCM president Jonathan Bernstein gave his advice for getting the C-suite on board:

So how might one convince stubborn executives, often the biggest roadblocks to having a thorough crisis response plan, that the expense is worth it? The sad truth, Bernstein says, is that companies often have to get burned a time or two before they take preparedness seriously.

But, he says, the best ammunition for the argument in favor of planning is case histories from other businesses, especially if those businesses are similar to yours. Find them and share them often, Bernstein suggests.

With prime examples making front page news daily, there’s no shortage of evidence to support your cause, but you’ve got to make it as clear cut as possible. Make them understand that there’s plenty of precedent to show that investing in prevention will save your organization big in the long run.

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