Reviewed: Chris Syme’s “Practice Safe Social”

Add this one to your summer reading list

While there are a lot of people talking about social media, very few of them are real experts. Chris Syme has been in the trenches since social media got started.  Her extensive work with higher ed institutions (and their athletic teams) and other clients regularly puts her in the center of volatile situations. The smart ones have also hired her to help prevent crises through planning and training.  So…you can be sure she’s had no shortage of valuable learning experiences.

Now, Chris is sharing that experience with the public in her new book, “Practice Safe Social: How to Use Social Media Responsibly to Protect Your Reputation and Build Loyalty.” Full of real-world examples and hard-earned lessons, this is a must-read for anyone who’s ready to take their social media reputation management efforts to the next level.

Here’s a quote from the book, on avoiding risky social media behavior:

Risky behavior isn’t just the moniker of youth. It seems to be the behavior of choice for many celebrities, corporate business owners, professional athletes, and others in the media spotlight. It’s the way to get noticed. Unfortunately for many, it’s also the way to ruin a reputation. Most people cannot afford to be known for despicable behavior. They have to find jobs, make a living, and maybe support a family. Benjamin Franklin once said, “it takes many good deeds to build a reputation and only one to ruin it.” And in today’s culture, social media is the accelerant that will ruin it quicker than Urkel can say, “Did I do that?”

Learning from others is a tried and true way to avoid the pain it often takes to learn a lesson yourself. That may be more true than ever today, especially when a major misstep on social media could, quickly, put you out of business for good.

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