Cheeky Crisis Management Advice for Congress

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CNN takes a jab at members of Congress and their frequent self-imposed crises

Lawmakers have been landing themselves at the center of scandal since, well, forever. While in the past rumor and innuendo swirled around the Washington elite, the digital age has brought their bad behavior into the limelight. To welcome a new group of Congressmen (and women) into office, CNN created a cheeky video showcasing “8 Things New Members of Congress Definitely Should Not Do”, check it out:

Although they’re receiving plenty of training, as well as a hefty 400+ page ethics manual, we fully expect to see a couple candidates for our 2014 Weiner Awards to come out of this bunch. Of course they could surprise us and keep to their best behavior…and if you believe that we’ve got a nice piece of swampland in Florida to sell ya!

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