Cubs Player’s Twitter Complaints Cost Him

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Personal Crisis Management 101: Don’t trash talk your employer online!

It continues to amaze us how prominent individuals post on social media as if nobody else is watching. News flash: EVERYONE is watching!

Just look at the case of former Chicago Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart, who further reduced his chances of ever returning to the show with a few careless Twitter responses.’s Matt Ehalt has more details:

Stewart was answering questions from fans online late Monday and was asked whether he would return to the Cubs soon. He responded “probably never” before following up with: “I said that be because the cubs are done With me….there (sic) going to let me Rott (sic) in AAA all season and then non tender me after.”

He later added: “I meant they might as Well release since I have no shot of a call up….let me Sign elsewhere.”

Stewart also tweeted that he didn’t expect to return to Chicago because he believes Cubs manager Dale Sveum doesn’t like him and he makes the calls. Sveum disagreed with that notion Tuesday.

Well Stewart, while it’s possible your manager didn’t like you before, he DEFINITELY doesn’t like you now!

According to Mashable, Stewart also made it clear what a waste of money he is when asked by a fan why he doesn’t just drop his Cubs contract and seek a spot with another organization:

“Why would I quit? I’m making 2 mill in AAA like u would give that up by quitting.”

Hm…let’s see…an angry employee, who’s not producing the work he’s being paid for, and is actively trashing his organization in public…do you really need any more evidence to drop this guy like a bad habit?

The Cubs didn’t, immediately suspending Stewart and beginning talks with his agent to work out a way for him to leave the team without having the pay the remainder of his $2m salary.

The old adage, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is a key tenet of crisis management when it comes to online reputation. Bitch to family and friends all you want, but when you open your mouth up on the record and start spewing negatives, you’re headed for trouble.

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