Hacking Wi-Fi Networks is Literally Child’s Play

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It doesn’t take a hardened criminal to steal your data

Public wi-fi networks are everywhere, from coffee shops to entire metro areas. They’re also astoundingly easy to hack. In an eye-opening experiment out of the UK, one security researcher turned a 7-year-old loose on a hotspot with nothing but a laptop and a widely available video tutorial, and in just barely over ten minutes she had infiltrated the network and managed to intercept data from another participant who was simulating a random user.

The vast majority of users don’t think twice before accessing things like bank accounts, shopping online, or sending information to and from work servers via public wifi, making for a security nightmare.

Because hackers will always find a way, the best crisis management measure for preventing the trouble that comes with these attacks is education. When everyone knows the risks, and how to avoid them, you eliminate a potential source of disaster.

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