How NOT to Deal with the Press

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Neglecting an important aspect of crisis management creates unnecessary risk

As the leader of an organization, you should expect to be talking to the media on a regular basis. Apparently, John Tortorella, coach of the NHL’s N.Y. Rangers, missed the memo on that one, because he REALLY hates press conferences, and isn’t afraid to let it show.

As you watch this clip, from the YouTube channel of ESPN’s Around the Horn, remember that Tortorella’s team had actually WON just minutes before to go up 1-0 in the playoffs:

Now, the Rangers aren’t a publicly held team, so Tortorella doesn’t have the same obligations he would if he were up there explaining things to investors. Thing is, blowing off press conferences like this isn’t seeding any goodwill with the media, something that’s invaluable should the organization you’re representing, or you personally, come under scrutiny or become embroiled in scandal.

As crisis management professionals, we’re big proponents of building a cushion of goodwill among stakeholders, be they customers, fans, the media, or any other number of groups. Simply put, refusing this shield because of ego or impatience is an unnecessary risk. If the Rangers ever find themselves in crisis, I certainly hope they have a stronger spokesman waiting in the wings.

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