5 Crisis-Causing Customer Service Mistakes To Avoid

Erik Bernstein crisis management

Anyone who’s spent time in customer service knows that doing it well is a huge part of protecting brand reputation at the ground level. Take advantage of this to prevent more ‘issues’ from turning into ‘crises’ for your organization!

The Rage Trend Continues

Erik Bernstein crisis management

Are your crisis and reputation management efforts taking heightened emotional states into account? If not, you’re behind the times.

Experts Share Top Indicators You Might Be Headed Towards A Crisis

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While crises, by their very nature, are somewhat unpredictable, there are often signs of trouble before brands find themselves neck-deep in crisis situations. Learning to watch for these indicators, and how to respond when they pop up, can mean the difference between success and failure when it’s all on the line.

Are You Protecting Your Reputation With A Plan?

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Are You Protecting Your Reputation With A Plan? Neglecting reputation can be costly With polls showing that global executives attribute a whopping 63% of their company’s market value to its overall reputation, it seems most in the know would agree reputation is a tremendously valuable resource. Why, then, is it …

Shell’s Apology For Purchasing Russian Oil During Ukraine Crisis

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When the people speak, corporations listen Shell has joined a long list of companies being forced by public pressure into crisis management over not taking the hint to back out of business ventures with Russia as the invasion of Ukraine escalated. Thought it didn’t violate any official Western sanctions, Shell’s …

Why This Should Be The Year Of Crisis Preparedness For Your Brand

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Would you be ready if you needed crisis management today? While we’re seeing more interest in crisis planning and preparedness work than ever, it’s a simple fact that most organizations out there are not prepared to face a fully fledged, all-hands-on-deck, act-now-or-incur-serious-damage, crisis management situation. Some have no formal plan …

Celebrating 28 Years of Bernstein Crisis Management

Erik Bernstein Bernstein Crisis Management

Turns out you can “just” do crisis management… A long time ago, in a strange and wonderful galaxy known as Los Angeles County, intrepid public relations expert Jonathan Bernstein took a leap of faith. Trusting his belief that a firm specializing in crisis work alone could succeed, he left his …