Crisis Management Risk – Web Browser Flaws

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The prevalence and constant use of web browsers makes then an ideal point of entry for malicious hackers

In case the many recent posts to this blog covering cyber crimes haven’t made it clear, at this point it’s not a question of whether you’ll be attacked, but when. A new survey commissioned by the makers of Malwarebytes asked 685 IT decision-makers what security challenges they expected to face in 2015, and flaws in web browsers topped the list.

Baseline Magazine reports:

The executives consider the growing number of flaws in Web browsers to be the biggest endpoint security challenge they face as they look toward 2015, according to the report. With the number of exploitable browser vulnerabilities rising this year, 72 percent of the survey respondents said this made security difficult at their organization, more so than any other issue. Respondents at companies with more than 1,000 endpoints were particularly concerned about the issue.

Although the proper security systems are important, educating employees on prevention, detection, and reporting of anything suspicious is one of the most effective means of stopping these types of crises before they have a major impact on your organization. Secure as thoroughly as possible, train on spotting trouble early, and have plans in place to mitigate damage once you know you’ve been hacked, that’s how you protect against cyber attacks.

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