IBM Study, Cyber Attacks, and Crisis Management

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More data from IBM researchers on the current state of system security

The past several years have seen a near-constant stream of data breaches, hacks, and other cyber-intrusions that have left individuals and organizations in some seriously sticky spots.

While awareness, preparation, and responsiveness has improved significantly over those years, IBM’s Chief Information Security Officer study reveals that there’s still a ways to go.

Whether you’re in charge of information security for your organization or not, it’s just smart crisis management to stay on top of trends in that area. After all, it’s rarely the CISO that’s targeted by cyber-thieves! You can find the full study here, and a wealth of other information about securing your systems as well.

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  1. Jack Brickman

    Even more confirmation of the seriousness of today’s growing cyber security threats. As for the most pressing data security issues I see on a daily basis, they are (1). Missing information security policies and procedures. (2). Inadequate employee security and awareness training initiatives (3). Weak contingency planning and disaster recovery practices (4). An ideology within organization’s that truly do not embrace information security best practices. That’s quite a bit, unfortunately, and it’s why businesses really need to an about face gut check and get serious about ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of one’s entire network infrastructure. Sharing information between the private sector is essential, but laws are needed to enforce such best practices.

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