HBO’s “Confederate” – When a Press Release is the Wrong Approach

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The announcement of HBO’s new show, “Confederate,” which takes place in an alternate timeline where Southern states successfully seceded from the union and slavery remains legal, was already bound to draw criticism. It’s pretty much the definition of a touchy topic. The way the show was announced, however, created even …

Communication Through the Years

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My how things have changed! At the core of nearly every aspect of crisis management you will find communication. Even if you consider yourself a master of crafting the right message, there’s no arguing that the precise “how” of transmitting ideas, instructions, and explanations is constantly shifting. We came across …

Defining PR Today

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Interesting opinions from PR pros The public, and how it communicates, is always changing. As a result, so is how we do public relations. Collecting responses from professionals in the field, PRNewsWire created an infographic to detail what experts define as PR today: The BCM Blogging Team

Chasing the Truth

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Check your facts, or it’s bound to be crisis management time One of the most important, and often overlooked, building blocks of credibility is making sure you have the facts straight. It’s pretty simple – if you earn a reputation for dishonesty and/or inaccuracy,  then nobody is going to believe …