Canseco Strikes Out with Oddball Crisis Management

Aggressive online behavior is a major no-no

Last week, controversial ex-MLB slugger Jose Canseco took an oddball approach to crisis management after discovering he was under investigation in the alleged rape of a Las Vegas woman.

Canseco immediately took to Twitter to discuss the situation, repeatedly sharing the full name (which we have removed) of his accuser:

canseco accusation name removed








Canseco has continued to tweet about the case, including discussing a pair of polygraph tests and referring repeatedly to the victim’s family:




While transparency is certainly a buzzword today, Canseco’s gone too far here. Sharing that he’s taking a polygraph, sure, we can see the logic in that. Constantly tweeting his accuser’s name, and pulling her father and children into what is, regardless of the truth, an ugly situation? That’s aggressive behavior, and reflects poorly on his character both in the court of public opinion and a court of law, which is where this case is likely to end up.

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