Data Breach Crisis Management for Kmart

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You didn’t really think we’d get through a full week without a data breach story, did you?

Yesterday saw Sears Holdings Corp. announce a data breach at its Kmart stores with the statement below, posted to the Kmart website:

KMart data breach announcement

Did you spot the element that was missing from this message? If you were wondering where the compassion was, you were right on the money. As with nearly every other data breach announcement we’ve seen, this one completely fails to acknowledge the fact that these situations leave shoppers feeling concerned and uneasy.

Showing compassion is one of the premiere ways to get stakeholders to really listen, and should be included in every single piece of communication that comes out while you’re conducting crisis management. You can skate by without it sometimes, but why ignore such an effective tool that costs you nothing but a few extra words?

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