Erik Bernstein Named Vice President of Bernstein Crisis Management

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February 10, 2015 – Monrovia, CA — Erik Bernstein has been named vice president of Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc. (BCM), a 21-year-old national crisis management Erik B- blog sizeconsultancy based in the Los Angeles area. Erik started with BCM in 2009 as a writer and subsequently became social media manager for the consultancy itself as well as for a number of BCM clients.

“Erik is more than a chip off the ol’ crisis manager,” said BCM president Jonathan Bernstein, Erik’s father. “He’s evolved into a crisis management consultant with a broad spectrum of skills and the innate ability to think strategically, write well and speak cogently when the stuff is hitting the fan.”

As Vice President, Erik will use his knowledge of and gut instinct for crisis management to advise its clients and help guide Bernstein Crisis Management’s cadre of experts as they respond to breaking crises on- and offline, while also engaging in crisis prevention, planning and training projects.

Erik said, “I am eager to continue helping our clients in the trenches and also when they’re ready to learn how to avoid crises in the first place. Bernstein Crisis Management is already known as one of the best in our field, and I’m determined to honor and grow that legacy.”

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