Dream Tours Florida Wrecks Reputation, Fails Crisis Management

Ethics count, people

Pursuing shady practices may make you some extra bucks, but the cost will far outweigh the gains when you’re eventually outed. Just look at Dream Tours Florida, the high-end travel company that’s been making a mess of crisis management ever since the New York Post exposed its scheme to rent disabled (or apparently disabled) tour guides out for days at Disney World, allowing their wealthy customers to skip to the front of ride lines.

Check out this screenshot of a since-deleted segment of Dream Tours Florida’s website, which vaguely describes these “VIP Tours”:

FL disabled travelscam disney 2

Just hours after the Post article went up, users began to share it on Dream Tours Florida’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, along with commentary like this:

FL disabled travelscam disney 1

At first, Dream Tours made hamfisted attempts to defend itself, saying that the entire situation was a misunderstanding, and finally making the following post, which was quickly blasted by visitors:

FL disabled travelscam disney 3

We can’t link you to Dream Tours’ Facebook or Twitter pages, because the company yanked both from the web in the midst of a deluge of negative comments.

So, the next time you’re tempted to cross that moral line and all you see is dollar signs, remember this crisis management nightmare, and think again.

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