Execs Neglecting Social Media Crisis Management

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Dangerous lack of concern for social media issues among company leadership creates reputation risk

Situations like the recent Hot Pockets recall, where a supply chain problem spiraled quickly into a crisis on Facebook and Twitter, are proof of the new reality – every negative incident has the potential to create a situation requiring social media crisis management.

Regardless of whether your issue started on social media, you will have stakeholders asking questions, discussing the situation, bashing your organization (whether deserved or not), and spreading damaging rumor and innuendo.

Why, then, are so many C-suiters still turning a blind eye to social media crisis management? Take a look at the surprising figures in this infographic from Zeno Group:


Simply put, the effect of social media on, and reaction of users to, almost any business decision you make should be taken into consideration. Neglect this crisis management concern and you’re asking for trouble.

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