The Crisis Show Episode 2 — All the News that’s Fit to Criticize

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Three pros bring crisis management to your computer or tv, live and archived

The Crisis Show’s second episode is up for those of you who missed the live broadcast last night. This week, hosts Jonathan Bernstein, Rich Klein, and Melissa Agnes had plenty of fodder. To kick things off our hosts continued their talk from last week, explaining why Jerry Sandusky isn’t the only one responsible for the crisis at Penn State. After that, they discussed some terribly stupid PR by a global business giant, examined the tragedy in Toronto that cost one man his life, shared tips on surviving a product recall, and, with Watergate now forty years in the past, pondered how this historic crisis would have been different if social media had existed back then, Take a look, and if you like what you see, join the show live every Wednesday at 7 pm EST/4 PST.  And forgive them the division of the show into two parts – the tech equivalent of “my dog ate my homework” interrupted the show about 15 minutes in and they had to restart.

Part one:

Part two:

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