The Advantages of Multimedia Crisis Management

Try a multimedia approach to help your crisis communications grab stakeholder’s attention

Let’s be realistic – ANY communication you’re putting out these days is just a drop in the Internet Sea. How can you help ensure people, and specifically your stakeholders, receive and understand your message in a crisis situation?

Multimedia is one answer, and with social media it’s easier than ever before to deliver photo and video content to an actively engaged audience, but most organizations still aren’t taking advantage.

Take a look at this PRNews infographic:

If your organization is the latest to be the unwitting star of an ugly viral video, putting out a press release isn’t going to cut through the clutter. Combining a more traditional response with a video, and sharing the link across your social media presence, however, is far more effective. The recent “I Quit” video situation is the perfect example of an organization making creative use of a multimedia approach to crisis management.

Not only does video help reach your stakeholders on the sites they frequent and in a more entertaining way, but it can also help you convey real human emotions like compassion via the Internet, a task that is difficult at best in other formats.

It’s not right for every situation, but next time you’re gearing up for a crisis management response consider whether multimedia could help you get your message out.

The BCM Blogging Team

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