UK Embassy’s Twitter Gaffe

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Proof of the need to constantly keep your image, your mission, and your audience in mind when posting to social media

It’s not entirely surprising to see brands getting too edgy or controversial as they compete to grab attention on social media, but one would hope for the folks running accounts belonging to government offices to be a bit more careful in what they share.

Well, hoping is not a crisis management strategy, as the British Embassy here in the U.S. discovered after sending this tweet Sunday:

As could be expected, this riled up a number of people.  It might have been funnier if not for the ongoing threat of terrorism.  The embassy quickly posted an apology, as well as sharing a post celebrating the two nations’ friendship by Britain’s deputy ambassador:

Clearly the post was meant to be in good fun, but it wasn’t hard to see that it would strike a nerve with more than a few people. Although this is not a major incident, it did no service to the mission of the @UKinUSA Twitter feed, and we’d guess the embassy is adjusting protocol as needed to help prevent future issues along these lines.

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